2020 – September

Today is a day we’ve been waiting for a long time. Today is the day that we celebrate the release of our debut album and share it with the world!

It was 4 years of a lot of sweat and difficult decisions. Many personal situations tried to discourage us from completing this work, but we became stronger and the quality we archived on this album is undoubtedly something that fills us with pride. We set the bar very high and learned a lot on the way.
Choosing to release this album independently was just one of the challenges that we self propose to us.
This release has a physical CD included. It is a limited edition black CD, with 12 pages booklet. We think that if it’s to release a physical CD, at least make it worth it. And it was worth it.

We hope you enjoy this record as much as we do!

Check our Bandcamp to listen to the full album and, if you want to support us, consider buying a digital/physical copy or buy one of the t-shirts we have available.We would like to thanks everyone involved and that made this work possible:
Pedro and Tânia from the Animal Sanctuary Mini Pigs Goats and Dogs, SREF, Ana Luísa Ramalho, Kepler, Unstoppable Recording Machine (URM) community (especially John Maciel), Pedro Costa (PuraInstalação), Carlos Álvares, Igor Ferreira, Sónia Alexandra Ferreira;
To our friends who agreed to leave their mark on this work: Alexandre Ribeiro, Samuel Trindade and Sérgio Afonso;
To our brother Paulo André Soares, for helping us with guitar recordings and for all the love, dedication and the ideas he added to the songs;
Finally, a special thanks to all our fans for making this path with us and an even greater thanks to our friends and families for their support and understanding every time we denied being with them in favor of this project;
We are forever and absolutely grateful to all of you!